Sunday, July 31, 2011

Movie Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

If you’re a fan of the Captain America series on comic books, you’ll definitely love watching this movie. Although the young Steve Rogers was not really emphasized in the story – before his arms and chest muscle swells into becoming the Captain you know, the movie didn't spoil the epic story of the brave man who wants to serve his country. If Brad Pitt’s transformation in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was superb, the transformation done with Chris Evan into a skinny man wasn't that great. If you’ll pay much attention to the details, you can tell the difference between a man who’s acting with his entire body and someone who’s paid to act without his head (it was Chris Evan’s head and a lame body of someone). My advice is, don’t pay much attention to it!

Chris Evans gave justice to Captain America’s portrayal. Aside from his pumped up biceps and chest muscles after the transformation, the Captain America that you will see in the movie is just like the one you used to read on print. On the other hand, Peggy’s portrayal is just a little step more into something convincing to the eyes. The change of Hugo Weaving’s voice here is pretty smart since his voice has become a trademark on the Matrix and Lord of the Rings series and it would greatly affect the movie somehow (he did a good job with the German accent as well). 

The plot was nice, with some predictable moments as you can observe in other comic adaptation movies (if you’re a fan, you know the story goes!). Joe Johnston really did something great after his The Wolfman movie. It’s something you expect from someone who directed the Star Wars series and Indiana Jones – great movies! If there’s one thing that would probably upset you the most is the ending – a risk that the movie has to take to pave way for Captain America’s return in the upcoming release of The Avengers in 2012 (where it is set in the modern day). Overall, the movie is a must-watch for Captain America fans and Marvel Comics readers. 

Rating: 7 out of 10
Chris Evans - Steve Rogers
Tommy Lee Jones - Col. Chester Phillips
Hugo Weaving -Red Skull
Sebastian Stan - James ‘Bucky’ Barnes
Dominic Cooper - Howard Stark
Neal McDonough - Timothy ‘Dum Dum’ Dugan
Hayley Atwell - Peggy Carter
Derek Luke - Gabe Jones
Stanley Tucci - Dr. Abraham Erskine
Director: Joe Johnston

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Social Media Marketing Tactics That Really Help You Get Noticed!

Social media marketing is a very effective tool. A person who knows how to wield it very well usually results in great numbers of visitors, fans, and friends – internet traffic. The most important thing for an effective social media marketing strategy is to understand the channel’s services and how to use it effectively in the framework of your own business. Before you implement something, you should develop goals and effective strategies first.

Here are the top five social media outlets that most people use in media marketing. 

  • Service: Social Networking Service
  • Website:
  • Launched: 2004
  • Users: 750 million (as of July 2011)
  • Revenue: $2 billion

The power and reach of Facebook is undeniable with more than 750 million users online. It’s very essential for business if you equip your Facebook page with great visuals to keep in touch with your fan base and prospective customers. The viral nature of Facebook is astounding, taking it as an advantage for media marketing is something you need. 

  • Service: Social Networking Service, Microblogging
  • Website:
  • Launched: 2006
  • Users: 200 million (as of March 2011)
  • Revenue: $140 million

It is another viral tool alongside Facebook. You can gain many followers quickly and they are not afraid to cross platforms. It is very important to your social media marketing to build a great number of followers in Twitter.

  • Service: Vide Hosting Service
  • Website:
  • Launched: 2005
  • Users: Undefined (registration is optional)
  • Ownership: Google

YouTube has been entertaining people for years in showing interesting videos around the world from its users. Getting your videos popular in YouTube is a traffic generation method you can use. A viral video can turn into thousands and even millions of visitors, new followers, and subscribers. YouTube is one of the best marketing outlets that you can use on regular basis for your success. 

  • Service: Social Networking Service
  • Website:
  • Launched: 2003
  • Users: 100 million (as of March 2011)
  • Revenue: $161.4 million

Often overlooked in social media, people think of it as something for business professionals and corporate executives purposes only. However, more small business owners and entrepreneurs are embracing this kind of social media connection that results into fruitful business relationships. 


This is something that most people use in starting a small business. If you have a company or brand, blogging in a regular basis is a must. Implementing business in social media needs blogging as the focal point of your social media marketing strategy.

All these elements are very useful in business. The most important thing you must know is how to implement it in an efficient and effective way in social marketing. Trying all of these elements will help you in looking for something you understand the most. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

DIY Photo Mugs

Isn’t great to have a personalized mug to have some coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Well, a personalized photo mug is also ideal for gifts in the holidays. It’s quite cheap to have it from stores but you can make one too! If you have an inkjet printer in your house, you can make a personalized photo mug that you can use as gifts for wedding occasions, birthday celebrations, and holidays. With the simple use of inkjet printer, waterslide inkjet deal paper, transfer solution, scissors, hair dryer, and bowl with water, you can have the best photo mug you can ever have or give to your special someone.

The procedure is simple and very easy to follow:

1. With the use of any photo editor software, design an image for the mug.
2. After you achieved your desired design, print the image on the glossy side of the decal paper using the inkjet paper.
3. Apply the printed sheet evenly with a transferring solution and let it dry completely. You can also use the hairdryer if you want faster results.
4. Cut out the image from the decal paper with the use of scissors.
5. Put the image into a bowl of water for a minute and remove the thin decal film as it slips along the paper.
6. After that, you can place your design in the desired position on the mug. You can use a clean damp cloth to wipe off the excess water and remove bubbles that may appear on the design.
7. Let it dry completely – do not use the hairspray on this one. It may take hours to completely dry so you can speed it up by placing it in a hot place.
8. When the image is dry, you can use an acrylic varnish if you want the decorated item free from scratches, moisture, or fading away.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is it Possible to Have a Sugar Free Lifestyle?

Having a healthy diet and constant exercise is the best way to have a healthy lifestyle. If you have applied any diet methods available these days, you may find out that taking fewer carbohydrates may slim you down for some time. Sugar intake is also a factor that may affect your body size so people consider taking less sugar from their diet.

Removing all sources of nutrition for a diet method will surely make bad effects in your body. However, sugar deprivation does the opposite – it has many health benefits. The most important aspect of reducing sugar intake is it helps you control your blood sugar levels that prevent the development of diabetes. Sugar deprivation or eating less sugar also stabilize mood swings, help weight management problems, and improve oral health – no more cavities! Many people find it hard to control their sugar intake because chocolates, ice cream, shakes, and candies are so delightful to have. If you are so fond of these things, how can you integrate a sugar-free lifestyle?

How To Do It?

Many people consider it as a difficult task, but it’s actually very easy in nature. The key in this lifestyle change is a gradual change, rather than doing everything all at once. That way, you will not be overwhelmed by the changes you’re making. If you have a diet that is very high in sugar, the best way to change it is to do it slowly – “slowly but surely”. To make it easy, consider incorporating one change into your lifestyle every one or two weeks.

          ♡ Watch What You Drink
Beverages and seemingly-healthy juices are loaded with sugar. To stop yourself from added sugar in your diet, take some time off from sugar-filled sodas, juices, and pre-packaged coffee and tea with added sugar content. Take note that alcohol also contains sugar, so you have to slow down on the booze as well. If you like fruits, why not eat it rather than drinking it in form of juices. The nutrients and fiber in raw fruits will definitely help you in your lifestyle change.

         ♡ Read What You Eat
Deciding which food to eat based on nutritional information on packaging is good to avoid eating food with excess sugar. Check out the calorie content of the food and how big the servings are per package. This things will tell you how much sugar you’re about to take when you eat it. It’s best if you can purchase something that’s low-fat since it only offers low amount of calories – this kind f food is also considered as diet foods.

         ♡ What Out from Hidden Sugars
Judging the food from its label won’t help you enough in avoiding sugar. It’s because some labels try to hide some facts in form of other words that you may not know. Here are some of the words that you may not know but it’s also used to describe sugar.
     1. Fructose
     2. Lactose
     3. Galacctose
     4. Glucose
     5. Maltose
     6. Or any word that ends with ‘ose’.

         ♡ Choose Complex Carbohydrates
Sugar is also a carbohydrate and these carbohydrates are simply long chains of sugar molecules. However, hot all carbohydrates are the same. Some of these have short chains of sugar that can be torn down by the body easily. Complex carbohydrates are usually found in legumes, beans, and whole grains. It’s far better to eat compared to white rice, sugary processed cereals, bread, and pasta if you want a sugar-free lifestyle.

         ♡ Artificial Sweeteners
If you love baking and pastry products, eating less sugar can be very difficult. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of artificial sweeteners available in the market for people who want to lessen their sugar intake while enjoying those tasty treats. Artificial sweeteners such as Splenda can be used in baking with excellent results.

With these things, having a sugar-free lifestyle isn’t that hard to achieve. You just have to take it slowly as you watch yourself create a whole new healthy lifestyle. Well, taking some sugar won’t hurt sometimes, so you don’t have to treat yourself badly by avoiding sweet treats in the holidays.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crazy Diet Methods to Avoid

Being healthy is what makes other people undergo diet methods that may help they slim down. In the process, people tend to trim down food intake and manipulate other variables to speed up their slimming process. Of course, your body will react to any deprivation of necessary nutrients but it doesn’t mean that you’re on the right track. In fact, many diet methods are considered as impractical and inflict serious damage to the body. If you really want to weigh down a bit, consider a healthy sufficient diet method rather than these crazy methods.

Detoxification Diet
This kind of diet method claims to slim down a person in 10 days of detoxification by colonic irrigation, massages, saunas, fasting, and many more. You can eat fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts but aren’t allowed to have some fish, meat, wheat, and dairy products. It’s quite good to trim down your calorie intake but this means you will lack of necessary nutrients and lowered immune system. It’s not a very practical method since the effects are only temporary with the loss of water in your body. It may also lead to sickness, headaches, and even nausea. The worst thing is it causes food cravings and eating disorders.

Low Carbohydrates / Atkins Diet
The main goal of this diet method is to force your body to use internal resources – that’s fat, as your main energy source. This results to ketone bodies to fuel the parts of your body that can’t use fat as energy source like the brain and red blood cells. From the loss of muscle tissues and water, you can definitely loss some weight but only temporarily. It will only put you in the state of ketosis that may cause smelly breath, fatigue, and nausea.

Hollywood Diet
It is by far, the diet method that doesn’t last very long. It is basically done in a couple of days where you eat no food and drink lots of juice. It’s also quite impractical since you’ll be taking in lots of sugar and carbohydrates while depriving yourself with protein, iron, and other important body nutrients.

Cabbage Soup Diet
This is a seven day diet plan that offers weight loss with very fast results. There are also benefits from this weight loss method such as it helps prevent cancer and flush out toxins from eating junk food. However, the drawbacks are still bigger than these benefits so it isn’t a sustainable solution for people who want to trim down their weight. The soup is quite salty and it lacks overall nutrition for your body. It is very low in protein, essential fatty acids, and calcium. With an added mix of monosodium glutamate, it is really something to avoid. It’s because this kind of flavoring agent can’t be digested in your body and stays there as long as you live.

Starvation Diet
This is so far, the worst diet method you can ever do. It is depriving yourself with anything – the necessary nutrients that your body wants function well. This result to fatigue, lack of sex drive and hormones, hypothermia, poor judgment and concentration, depression, personality changes, anxiety, slow metabolism, organ tissue loss, and many more. As you slim down from this kind of method, you’ll get shakes more often, feel colder and weak most of the time.

There are still many ways to lose weight that doesn’t make your body suffer in the long run. Still, there is no substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise. If you want to live longer and stay healthy in the process, you can always change your lifestyle into a more active way. Know the right food to eat and don’t eat too much.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Create Your Own Personalized T-Shirt!

Are you sick and tired of the usual t-shirts you see on boutiques? Well, if you’re fond of creating graphical designs in computers, you can easily put it in t-shirts with the use of an inkjet printer. The process is very simple and fun. Now, you can make your friends drool over unique t-shirts that you can have from your creativity.

Here are the materials needed to create your personalized t-shirts:

      T-shirt (plain or slightly printed)
      Smooth surfaced table
      Inkjet printer
      Inkjet transfer paper

The steps are very easy and you can have your personalized t-shirts in no time:

1. Create or look for an image or design that you want to print on your t-shirt. You may scan images in your computer, find one in the internet, or create a more graphical design with the use of photo editing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, or the simple Microsoft Photo Editor.

2. You can also add some text in the design. It’s best if you can have a simple statement from funny quotes or phrases.

3. Once you have found the best image for your t-shirt, print it out in a mirrored form on the transfer paper and let it dry completely.

4. After drying completely, cut the design out – leaving a considerable border.

5. Preheat the flat iron to “cotton” setting.

6. After that, you can lay a pillowcase on the ironing surface.

7. Place the t-shirt on the pillowcase and iron it to have a smooth surface.

8. After achieving the desired smoothness, place the printed transfer paper on the area where you want the design to be printed. Place it face down on the garment.

9. Iron the transfer paper for twenty seconds. You have to make sure that you iron all parts of the design – do not leave out the edges. You can use your strength to add pressure to the iron.

10. After the ironing process, allow the t-shirt to cool off for some time. Never remove the paper until it has completely    cooled off.

11. Once it is already cool, you can begin peeling off the transfer paper with one hand on the t-shirt and the other one on the paper. Now you can enjoy your all-new t-shirt!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Best Destinations for a Romantic Honeymoon

It can be perplexing that couples invest so little time in planning where exactly they want to visit for their honeymoon – especially when you consider the amount of time that goes into the planning  of the wedding itself – from the venue to the cake, from the dress to the diamond wedding rings. If you have yet to discover that perfect honeymoon destination then take a look at this short list of some of the most magnificent destinations in the world. The one thing these places all have in common is that they would all make the most memorable honeymoon ever.

Not often thought of as the most romantic of honeymoon destinations, Japan is actually a beautiful country rich with tradition and history. If you fancy a honeymoon in a country that has lively cities and numerous attractions then this is place for you. Get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Japanese lifestyle whilst still being able to retreat away from the city for relaxation that you would never get at home. Make sure that you add both Tokyo and Kyoto to your list of must visit places.

If you want a country that is steeped in tradition and has hundreds of places that are just ripe for discovery then look no further than China. At every turn you will find another historical landmark to investigate from the world famous Great Wall of China (take a walk off the beaten track and discover some of the old parts of the wall that have not been refurbished) – to the amazing Forbidden City. If you like discovery and learning about culture and heritage then this is the honeymoon destination for you.

Is relaxation and lounging top of your list for must haves on your honeymoon? Then the Maldives is for you, renowned for its relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals and stunning beaches. If you start to feel a little more adventurous when you have wound down then have a go at snorkelling in one of the world’s best diving locations.

Dubai is perfect for the couple who like to try their hand at everything – not only does Dubai have the beaches but it also has the nightlife, it has the bustling city atmosphere and is also one of the world premiere spots for water sports. If you and your new spouse enjoy different things or are both equally adventurous then this is the perfect all rounder!

Renowned as one of the most romantic countries in the world Egypt is the perfect honeymoon for those who want to combine relaxation with discovery. Known for its pyramids and the history of the pharaohs Egypt also offers some of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes in the world. As it has been a popular honeymoon destination for decades you can guarantee that you will be treated like a king and queen if you decide that Egypt is for you.

Often looked at the perfect honeymoon destination for those who love marine wildlife and water sports. If you want a honeymoon packed with adventure and diving then Mauritius is the perfect location. Sure, there will be time to kick back but this is the honeymoon for those with a little joie de vivre.

No matter where you decide to take your honeymoon you just need to be sure that it will provide you both with memories that you can savour for the rest of your life and pass on to your kids.

Effective Weight-loss Ideas

You should always watch out for weight gain and if you notice that you’re gaining weight then you should act immediately. You should act immediately because weight gain can be easily treated in the beginning, the longer you wait the harder it will be to get back to your previous shape.

The first thing you need to know if you notice to be becoming overweight is to find good weight loss diet books, this book can really improve your health because you’ll avoid junk food and other weight gaining foods and because you’ll have access to tons of fat burning meals. Yes! Some food helps you lose weight and you can find it at the shop but you’ll need a weight loss diet book that work to teach you which food to choose, how to cook it, when to eat it, and the best portions for you.

But only the diet isn’t enough to make you reduce weight, we naturally need exercise and if we don’t do it we tend to gain weight. So you next step is to start with some physical activity, start with a few minutes a day and then start increasing the duration of your training session. If you start slowly it will be easier and once you get used to doing daily exercise you won’t want anything else. Daily exercise will also improve your health and increase your self conception positively and that’s why you’ll be able to live with a better life quality.

 Make sure you change your life for the better!

This combination of exercise with a proper diet book that works is essential for your success, many people lose years and years of trying miraculous methods that don’t work and might even harm their health. Don’t give in to this reality, the reality were other people take advantage of you and make you pay for wonder pills that will make you lose weight in no time and without any effort. The best is to follow my advice stated in this article and change your life for the better; you’ll probably live a longer and better life.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reasons Not to Use Internet Explorer

Web browsers are the portals to the internet. They are used to browse the internet for information that they’ll use. These browsers are the most important factors in protecting your computers from malware and viruses that you can get from internet surfing – most people are unaware of this. That’s why it’s best to choose the one that provides security and faster loading. 

If you have bought a computer that runs on a Microsoft Windows system, you might have used the Internet Explorer. Many people didn’t like how it works because of some flaws related to security and loading time. That’s why many people opt for other web browsers that are faster and provides security from malicious data that can be accessed from web surfing. Here are some of the reasons why Internet Explorer is not a good way to browse the internet.

  • Internet Explorer has been plagued with security flaws and bugs from the day it was released. These malicious data are categorized as viruses and malwares. These things run in the background – copying key strokes, e-mail addresses, account information, and passwords. The viruses take advantage of the flaws in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft engineers find it hard to cater millions of users around the world. This also makes it difficult to create bug free software.
  • This web browser if considered as the slowest internet browser these days. That’s why most people tend to use other web browsers that are faster in surfing the internet.
  • The Internet Explorer can also access features that shouldn’t be accessible such as installing software without the user’s knowledge.

How can you protect yourself?
  • An anti-virus program is the best way for you to avoid virus and malwares as you browse the internet. If you don’t have the money to cash out for these things, there are also some free virus software that you can find online.
  • DO NOT use the Internet Explorer. With the security flaws associated with it, it’s wise to use other web browsers. You’ll know it you’re using an Internet Explorer by looking at the topmost part of your browser window and see ‘Internet Explorer’.
  • Scan your computer regularly.
  • Take note that other web browsers are also targeted by digital criminals. You’ll still have viruses if you download something that you’re not very familiar with. If your computer support hasn’t recommended the software, don’t install it.
  • Looking for other alternatives is great to make your computer more secure from malicious data over the internet.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Blogging is one main avenue of businesses to reach a larger market. With this strategy, expanding your business became easier and faster. However, this can also be used for personal satisfaction. Guest blogging is one way of getting popular online and it’s already used for many reasons. There are many benefits of guest blogging and here are some that you must know.

   Bringing Essential Visitors / Target Visitors for Free
When you post something as a guest in a blog, you can get a link back to your own website. This will help you get visitors – mostly targeted ones. If you have a blog related to technology, you are most probably doing guest posts on a technology blog – there is a high possibility to attract visitors because they have interests same as you.

   Getting Essential Backlinks
As you post as a guest in other blogs, it may help your site get a higher page rank. With a higher page rank, you can increase your advertising rates and earn a larger profit. Why? It’s because your site will more likely show on the topmost position of search engines as consumers search for something online that are related to your business.

   Becoming Popular
If you post essential information in blogs as a guest, you may find more visitors in your website. You get known by other people and you might become popular someday!

   Get to Know More about Your target Visitors
As you write posts on other blogs, you may find that other people will be giving comments or suggestions to your posts. Whether they find it crappy or very interesting, you can get reviews from your posts anytime.

   Improving Writing Skills
When you write for other blogs, it is a fact that you want to make the post as good as possible so readers will be attracted to your own blog. You try to avoid grammatical errors and typos to keep it fully informative. With this, your writing skills improve and you may not even know it. What are you waiting for? Start guest blogging and improve your writing skills too!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Place To Be - Bantayan Island

We are living in a country dominated or mostly populated by Roman Catholics. Because of it, we tend to celebrate holidays that would involve our religion’s practices. Example of which are town fiestas, the ever-infamous Sinulog Festival and other holidays or non-holidays that would involve a celebration or commemorate one’s religion. Holy week is something important to the Roman Catholics as a week for abstinence, fasting, reflection and prayers. Though it is not the same as our usual celebrations, but it is something we celebrate that won’t involve any parties or feasts.

Every Holy Week, most of us are planning to have a vacation or just want to unwind, because of the long week of holiday that we have. Others would plan on going to the beach or just anywhere outside our homes. Here in Cebu, it is a week that people would tend to plan in going to Bantayan Island. In that remote and peaceful island, every Holy Week is the time for the people their to have fun and party all night.

It is an island in the northern most part of Cebu and it is the last island in the north of Cebu. It would take you 4 – 5 hours of drive from Cebu city and you would also ride a barge from Daan Bantayan to reach the island of Bantayan. Every Holy Week is their celebration of their annual town fiesta. It is the only place that is approved by the Archdiocese of Cebu to be exempted from fasting and abstinence.

Crystal clear waters surround the island and the sands f the beach are very fine and white. It is the perfect getaway for those who want to celebrate their Holy Week with a blast. A lot of programs and parties will take place in their for at least 2 straight days. Most of the teenagers and those who are partygoers in the Cebu city would go there every year to celebrate and have fun. It is like a Sinulog Festival in an island version.

Though the place is quite far and not that easy to visit, but it is a place that makes all of your efforts worth it. The long hours of travel could probably drain us and make us tired, but if you’ll get there and see the place with your eyes. All of those negative energies in your body will be blown away and you will enjoy the smooth breeze and the tranquility of the island.

To those who wants to seek for adventure, you would probably try to go there and experience adventure where you never experienced before. Mostly beach resorts surround the island and they have also a cave for adventurer who wants to explore and have a great time. The resort there offers a lot of services and amenities that most of us would enjoy and gives us satisfaction more than we seek.

Photo Credits:  
Pinay Traveller

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting Rid of Your Hangover

Photo from Fitness and Defense

If you’ve seen the movie “Hangover”, you’ll definitely know what a hangover can do to you – not exactly! But with looks of it, you surely don’t want to have one or if you do – getting some kind of remedy might get your off to work in your ‘better’ state of being. There are many things you can do to get rid of this post party syndrome. 

Following these tips can keep you away from hangovers.

  Grab something to Grill
Your digestive system will be under a lot of strain after a heavy drinking session with your buddies. It is a fact that eating fried eggs, bacon, and sausages could cause indigestion. However, it also contains many calories for the much-needed energy boost, cysteline, and amino acids that are also good at flushing out toxins.  If you love eating fried dished for breakfast, it will definitely make up your day. If you don’t, you can always try to grill – it’s also a healthier choice!

  Water Refill
Alcohol intake is certainly one that contributes to your dehydration – and that’s also why you have a hangover! Of course, water is your weapon when it comes to dehydration so it’s best if you can fill your body up with a pint of water every hour. If you forget to do that, you’re doomed!

  Juice it up!
Flushing off vitamins from an all night drinking escapade is best remedied by freshly squeezed juice. These amazing fruits will boost up your energy level and get rid of the toxins in your body. If you’re not a fan of juices and it makes your tummy hurts, try to add some water or make a smoothie with banana or any milk based product. 

  Get Some Sleep
If you happen to get some booze on a lazy Friday night, it’s better to sleep in the weekends. Well, it might cancel all of your appointments but it’s really better rather than spending some more time in the open with a crazy hangover. If you keep your body rested, your poor body will be able to recover.

>> Things to Avoid

If you’re not a fan of painkillers, then you shouldn’t consider taking one for your hang over. Of course, it’ll definitely take your pain away but your poor liver will just give some more work for your liver. It’s not a good choice for getting rid of hangovers. 

  Hair of the Dog
It is an expression of taking a lesser amount of alcohol to lessen hangovers. It is pretty much done by most boozers but it’ll just allow you to take some more alcohol. Plus, this remedy is only effective for a short period of time so you’ll be back to hangover in no time.

Lastly, this one is also considered a ‘good’ hangover remedy by many. It’s really nice to have a cup of coffee in a lazy hangover morning but it does contribute to some more dehydration. With its unreliable effect that lasts for a short time, this will just make your hangover worse – definitely NOT to bother!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What’s Important to Know about Money

Life is full of challenges! Each and every day, we swim across the sea of chances and mistakes that make us worry a lot. Some people who fail in this category end up messing up their entire day, career, and even life. It’s really good if you’re still a youngster because you can only think of how much and when will your allowance arrive in your pockets. For young professionals and adults, earning money and spending it, are the things that can make and break their goals in life. If you’re hard working, earning money is easy. The challenge for everyone is how to spend your money fit for a specific lifestyle. 

There are millions of money advices you can solicit from other people but the ironic thing is, most of those money know-it-alls are also having a hard time in managing their hard earned money. Well, most of them would be giving steps on budgeting, decision making, and objective profit managements that you don’t even know existed. It’s really nice if you can get your hands on those materials but the most important thing that you realize is your commitment to some managing technique or strategy you prefer.

There must be lots of things that you save for but the question is – is it really worth the effort and money you’re saving for? 

Do you spend on things like these?
   Concerts or any leisure activities with friend
   Going to the movies
   Video Games
   School Supplies
   Charity work
   Shopping mall escapades

There must be thousands of activities or things that you’re saving money for but you have to realize if it’s really worth it. Think about your earnings and how it fits your lifestyle. If you have seen the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, then you’ll realize how spending money above your income can ruin your life. It’s not a sin to treat yourself sometimes but overdoing it is something you don’t want to consider.

Do you save money from these profit earning activities?
   Bonus allowance for good grades
   Doing chores around the house
   Doing extra work for other people
   Pet care
   Full-time job

The reason why you save money is because you have something so cash out on in the future. If you can prioritize very important things first before rushing out on the new edition of items in the shopping mall, you’ll never regret doing the things that you can earn money from. There’s always freedom in spending your money – it’s yours and no one will ever tell you how you should spend it, but knowing something about cash flow and saving more will definitely make you a better, and much wealthier person in the future. It really doesn’t matter how much you earn, it is how much money you saved from working your ass off every day.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Uniquely Cebu - Moalboal

Moalboal is one of the most beautiful places located in south of Cebu. It is a town where a lot of tourists from different places would come and visit the place. Some of the tourists decided to stay there and be a part of one of the citizens living in Moalboal. They have an orchid gallery where a lot of rare and unique orchids have been taken care of, it is widely known as a perfect place for divers to enjoy, and the infamous white beach and crystal clear sea they have. It is a variety of beautiful scenery and tourists spots for the locals and the tourists to enjoy.

One of the most beautiful resorts here in Cebu is the Club Serena Resort in Basdaku, Moalboal. The beauty of Club Serena in Basdaku, Moalboal is more to something than meets the eye; it gives more than your expectations. It is a thousand square meters of beautiful scenery, crystal clear sea, the white sand, amazing dive sites, and awesome sunsets that you can encounter beyond the borders of Negros Oriental.

The place offers you a privacy that you deserve and you are dying to have. The peaceful scenery and the tranquility of the place give you a relaxing moment of your life that you would never ever forget. In the night it gives you a powerful feeling of peace and relaxation that you could not give comparison of. Many would think that it is just as same as those beaches in other places, but you must first witness it yourself before jumping to that conclusion.

The resort offers you a unique style of buffets and cuisines that could leave a great taste in your taste buds. They offer the best of the Asian cuisines that tourists would probably will to try on. They can offer and accommodate at least 30 guests and they also have a beautiful swimming pool if they don’t want to go to the beach. The resort offers Spa Services that will take out the negative energies that dwells in your body. Aside from the spa services that they provide, they also have a Dolphin watching service every morning where you could see how beautiful those mammals in the sea. The presence of the dolphins that would even leap at least 2 feet above the waters, gives you an experience of a lifetime.
Every 15th of May is the annual fiesta in Moalboal and a lot of tourists and local people would witness or participate in the said event. It is a time where a lot of programs and parties will take place with in a single night. In the religious aspect, it is a time to give honor and respect for the town’s patron saint. St. John Nepumuceno as the patron saint in the town of Moalboal. His image or replica will be toured all over time in honor of Him and for the people to give intercession with. The town’s people are also very religious, because they are highly influenced by the Spaniards during the Spanish colonization here in the Philippines.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Secret to Maintain Husband and Wife Relationship

Can you give a country that take care long relationship as husband and wife, no matter how difficult plus quarrel they carry out? Each country worldwide has diverse principles as well as tradition for them to pursue. Similar to other country excluding Philippines, if there would be mistake or husband and wife’s quarrel; it will end up to separation or break up. It’s been in headline or news long time before like that circumstances. However, in the Philippines; you can witness the differences from other countries abroad. So, what are the great dissimilarities?

Despite of the fact that you can’t find perfect relationship in the Philippines, on the other hand; Filipino’s knows how to manage forever relationship. It doesn’t matter how pain they encountered but still they would able to keep it at. How do they maintain relationship? What are the most important secret of upholding husband and wife bonding?

There are various things you should do and learned how to preserve a relationship. Can you suggest? Have you tried upholding your own relationship to your husband or wife? In what way you had succeed? Distinctively, husband and wife have different outlook as well as main beliefs. However, because of their great love with each other; all those differences will turn out into one and share with each other. Love is powerful to all situation despite of the fact that there are common problems might come in top their lives.

The secret ingredients to maintain husband and wife relationship is understanding, give and take, everlasting care, faithful to each other, sharing, if one is hungry either wife or husband; one must stay calm and most of all is GOD must be center to all. God will guide, protect, enlightens up our minds to become a better member of a family. If we have faith in God, he will provide us all.

Understanding is one way of making a family constantly lives in a right path as well as peaceful home living. Give and take is very significant because sharing with each other can take the whole family into an improved future. Taking care with each other is a must also towards a family because it shows endless love that would make living full of happiness. Husband and wife faithfulness as well should be preserve everlastingly, without this ingredient in the family; it would create uncertainty. Therefore, trusting to each other will help to uphold long-lasting relationship. Without trust, family relationship would easily break up. It requires strong foundation. On the other side, if a husband gets angry or mad and vice versa, one should stay cool or calm, don’t level up to angriness, it would cause fire.

And the most important secret ingredient is GOD. Without GOD, life is useless. Put God first in everything you do, and he will do everything for you.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Importance of Ranking High in Local Listings

Having your own web address and business, you would need to attract new customers each day. Getting people to take a look at your web page is one of the ways by which you could improve your profit. If more and more people begin to know about what you have and what it is that you offer, you will get better chances of a customer ending up in your store. One of the ways that you can do this is through effective advertising in the net. The website of your business would be one good way to spread the word. You only need to understand how to get people to take a look at it. One of the ways to get this is to have high rankings on search engines by having the right keywords.

Aside from the keywords, your website should rank highly on search engines with an efficient advertising campaign on the web. This is done on a continuous basis so you should make keyword searches as wide as it can be so that your site would pop up every time that specific item connected with your business. Aside from the specific category of your business it should also contain the specific location that you are in. If your search keywords are much more localized, you would have less competition in the web and hence you would have lesser problems. The more specific your keywords become, the lesser would there be of any chances that anyone else would have that too.

After getting your particular keywords, you would need to rank your web page on Google places. It is a way through which those with businesses can put them on advertisements containing their business’ information and their actual location on the internet, free of any charge. Aside from that, the information that they provide can also be put up on other Google platforms such as Google Maps and other sites. The Google Places application is like a virtual yellow pages. They put all possible information about business on that one site and in order to get into more and more search results, you need to have a lot of possible keywords which people might use when they search for something like what you have.

By having a lot of information on the web, you also get more chances of getting advertised in Google’s search engine results. It will in turn affect how many people get to know about your website and your business.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Avoid Pitfalls - Tips in Creating a Perfect Resume

You are acceptable online, you have finalized your images, and you have deleted all the pictures that are not essential; you appear online as perfect as you are. So, you’re professional now as your apparent employers look towards you. What else you should do? You have it all, true? Although, you have fixed it all; in applying a job whether offline or online, you have to keep in mind also that you should need to have and submit resume for your employer. Did you prepare it accurately? Do you have an idea how to write it perfectly?

Resume writing is required wherever company you like to apply either offline otherwise online. To have an idea how to write a great resume, online search is needed to widen your senses how to do it. Have you try to search it? Probably yes, but how does it appears to you? Fundamentally, 2 to 3 page document have resume consist. Perhaps, the 2 to 3 pages are shorter than those assignments in grade school as you handed in.

Here are the instructions in writing your resume. Despite the fact that, the tips are yet universal but reminding you makes perfect in submitting your resume towards employer.

  It should be Succinct — writing resume should be direct to the point. Writing long nonsense resume could not be interesting otherwise boring to read. You should bear in mind that every word is important, it really matters. Your main goal is to make your manager or employer attracts you as well as your well-written, concise resume. Tip: focus only to the important points especially on your capabilities you can do towards the company.

  Speak Clearly — English speaking is the most common language used for the period of interview. Therefore, you should communicate to the interviewer plainly. Conversing jargon or slang words is not allowed. Tip: apply straightforward as well as straight verbal communication as soon as you are articulating yourself towards the interviewer. Your knowledge plus proficient qualifications will verbalize for themselves. You can request a companion or close relative to understand it more to glimpse if they be able to grasp something that might not be apparent.

  Resume must be modified — your manager will always review your application. In order to look a potential worker, sometimes they will view applicant’s resume every hour in a day. Tip: a great chances if your resume is personalized, meaning to say; try to make your resume as best as you can, research it through internet to see some samples and apply it you. If you do follow, you will have great chances to be accepted in the industry,

  You can place into your resume the major achievements you have but not all — if you put all the accomplishments you have, of course you are thinking that it can allure the interviewer and yet this is true. However, it can make you less to amaze the owner or the manager in the discussion procedure. Just state direct-to-the-point credentials to tempt the employer. Tip: you can supply sophisticated plus high-impact points just about your undertakings. Put down it so the person who reads is going to know you further. Give some thrilling to your achievements and your employer will stimulate what more abilities that you have.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to Balance your Family and Work

Economic crisis is the main reason why both parents or a husband and wife are working together to earn an income. Parent’s major goal is to rise up their own family by means of feeding good as well as nutritious food and providing additional needs that’s why they kept on working in daily basis. The question is “Did parents provide time taking care their kids or children at the same time as working everyday?

Before I will proceed to the final point of discussion, may I ask you? Do you have your own family? How many kids do you have? Did anything go fine? Did both of you as husband and wife work together? Those several question would normally asked towards people who are married now, how to handle your works along with taking care your children.

People have different techniques in rising up their children or handling them while working in a distant place or at home-based. Countless parents know how to manage their works plus takes care their children whereas others don’t know how. How do you balance your family and works regularly? Usually, a parent has more time or longer hours to work as the same time as their bonding to their kids have no enough time, agree? Have you noticed this kind of management within yourself or have you try or handle your children this way? Wait, this is not good to your kids.

To find the solution, balancing a family as well as your works is the most important. If you can’t balance well, there would be great chances that your kids will go to the wrong path or direction of life as they grow little by little. Let’s site for an example, if you don’t give sufficient time to make some bonding to your kids, your children will find a friend outside that will comfort them, tell their problems, and a companion wherever places they will roam around without your presence at their side always. What if they would find a bad influence friend that would be a great danger plus one way of making your child bad too. Do you like to happen this to your own child? Of course, absolutely not; and then what should you do? You must take your immediate action before it’s too late. 

Positive direction or paths will depend on the parent’s teaching and discipline. The attitude of a child will start at home, so parents will play a great, flexible role in disciplining your kids. The simple way of making close to your kids is to bond with them frequently. If you can’t go outside, in your own home; you can do something interesting that makes your child feels important. Talking to your child in soft voice and don’t shout , go out for family dinner, always remind and teach your children to follow the right path in life are the simple steps you could do to your kids while working regularly. And most of all, as parents be a role model to your kids like going to church, watching movies at home as family with your great guidance and companion. You can work from Monday to Friday but don’t forget to give additional time to your kids.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Designing a Spectacular Home Office

Having a home office is practically a necessity in every home these days. Whether you work from home or just want a space to keep bills and such in order, you will want this area to be comfortable and functional. There are many themes and styles that can be designed, but first you will want to figure out what exactly your needs are.

A Perfect Spot

Will you want a closed office with quiet when you need it or can you work in the midst of your household? Each home is different. If you are using it just for family business, you might do better to have it in a central area where you can keep abreast of the activity. If you have clients coming in, you will definitely want some privacy away from everything. You’ll probably also need more space to accommodate them, such as seating and conversational tables. If it is at all possible, having a separate entrance to your office can be a plus for your clients.

All Work and Some Play

If you are telecommuting or running a business, the theme will most likely be more serious than a playful office for family use. Not necessarily though, as many modern home offices have very bright colors and use modern furniture and patterns. These spaces are not only exciting for clients that may visit, but are invigorating for you as well. Consider whether you need a formal environment, or if the nature of your work is inspired by creativity.

Storage Solutions

Choosing storage space options will be just as important as picking out furniture. Figure out what you’ll need for shelving, and filing. If there are a lot of manuals and books then you might want to have bookcases. Hanging shelves conserve space because the floor below can still be used cleverly with furniture or accessories. Depending upon your personal storage needs, there are many creative storage options. For instance, if you do professional scrapbooking for a living, many drawers and a countertop will serve you well.

No matter what type of work you do at home, there a few must have items every home office needs:

• An ergonomically-correct chair that supports you comfortably as you read, type, build, or just contemplate.
• An abundance of light to reduce eye fatigue and prevent headaches, placed strategically in the places you need them most. For example, include a desk lamp or overhead lamp for reading.
• A stylish desk with enough space for your usual workload and personal effects. If you use a computer at the desk, you will most likely want a sliding keyboard panel included.

Making It Personal

Even if you have a contemporary office, adding color and personal accessories are essential to feeling comfortable while away at the office. Accessories like waste baskets, bulletin boards, and bins can be matched to bring out the style of your work space. Add some pictures of family or some favorite art prints.

Getting Started

One of the best ways to get started with the planning is to draw the dimensions onto graph paper. Experiment with different placements of furniture and configurations. This will help you plan for storage, walking space, guest seating, and work flow.

Once your home office is ready to go, it will be very motivating and can give you a great boost of confidence. You’ll feel more productive and get more accomplished. You could actually find yourself excited to begin the workday instead of drudging in there halfheartedly. There is no doubt that you will feel better about going to work, and therefore, feel better at the end of the day. Your clients or those involved in your work will be impressed too.

2 for 1 Special: Organize Your Home & Make Money

Organization knows fewer enemies as great as clutter. Notorious for saving and storing virtually everything they can get their hands on, some people will revolutionize their life by holding a yard sale. If a major change in your life sounds appealing, pick up the phone, call your local newspaper and take out an advertisement for a garage sale next weekend.

Now that you are committed to a date and time for your sale, you have leverage to force yourself to clean out all the stuff that you don’t need that’s stored in your attic, basement, closets, garage, shed, mini warehouse and other places. After you haul all that stuff out of your home, your life will never return to its former condition.

A Win-Win Proposition

A garage sale helps other people as well as you, meaning that you have legitimate motivation for making it a success. Here are some direct benefits offered by garage sales that should never be overlooked.

•    You get the junk out of your house. It took a lot of time and effort to get all that stuff into your yard. Whatever happens next, never put it back inside your house. Half the battle has already been won.

•    You get to help out other people. Tough economic conditions mean that a lot of people are out hunting bargains. You can help them out by selling your junk to them at low prices. You get some cash, your house is emptied of junk and other people now must decide where to put all the stuff they bought from you.

•    Leftovers. Most garage sales never sell everything. You still win. After all, scavengers might come along and offer you pennies per pound for the leftover stuff. Sometimes charities will come pick it up for free. If your neighborhood rules allow you to, put all the leftover items out by the road. You’ll be surprised at how fast people will stop and pick it up.

Do It Again

Now that you’ve eliminated a ton of junk from your home, your eye will pick up even more clutter. This is why most people can have two, three or more garage sales before they get rid of all the stuff they neither want nor need.

Once you experience the joy and freedom of a clutter-free organized life, you will never want to let junk pile up in your home ever again.

If you are looking for a website where you can find the latest garage sale in your city, you may check this awesome website:

Tips for an Affordable Engagement

Looking to sweep that special someone off their feet, however the price for acquiring the ideal piece is certainly pulling you down. Here are some tips to finding the perfect, dazzling design at a more affordable price.

A proposal is on the horizon and you are planning a big surprise that will forever mark your future! You want only the best for your loved one, however, with a mountain of costs rising; wedding plans and the setting up of a new home, your panic for getting the perfect ring are growing! Stop panicking, with a little research and a push in the right direction you can get your fiance (to be) a breathtaking design at a reasonable price!

Going Vintage

Luckily for you vintage designs are all the rage right now! When I talk about vintage I am not referring to new-vintage or vintage inspired designs that are beautiful and extremely pricey. I mean antique designs; real vintage. What makes antique jewelry so fantastic is that you are getting the real deal; a unique design from era’s gone by. If your lady loves and knows her fashion, then it is more than likely that she is going to fall head over heels with a vintage piece! Let her fall for the romanticism of a historical design, ladies love one-off treasures. Set off on a hunt around vintage jewelers and antique fairs and find the perfect piece deserving a second time round.

If your bride to be is a lady with classic taste, you may shy away from old-vintage designs, thinking that she will want a traditional design that is brand new. This is not always the case, while you are hunting the fairs and stalls; keep a look out for dazzling Solitaire or Trinity designs. These elegant, traditional designs may be just key to sweeping her firmly off her feet. Ask her family and friends for their opinion on this, you may be surprised!

Bridal Sets

Don’t let the words “Bridal sets” put you off having a look at these shimmering duos. These cost-effective ring buying sets are not only more affordable but they also cut out the hunt of finding two separate items that compliment each other. When you invest in a bridal set you are getting two designs that are in perfect partnership, a fitting symbol for your union! Often people will shop for rings as separate purchases, not seeing the bigger picture; the need for a second ring. There are also unjustified snobbery behind buying two pieces as a set being cheaper. It is true that buying two pieces tends to be more affordable but this is surely a positive!

Most jewelers offer bridal sets, the standards and designs of these vary greatly. Shop around and see for yourself you might find the perfect set all at once.

Price Watch

If you are adamant that a brand-new (single) engagement ring is what you after, you still have a chance of getting a stunning design at an affordable price. Shopping around and comparing prices is a great way of getting the very best deal for her. To do this effectively, you need to be organized and keep your finger on the pulse, check out when sale days are taking place, see if certain websites are offering discounts for online purchases, visit price comparison sites. Also, many companies will offer you the lowest price if you find items cheaper somewhere else. For example, you would prefer to buy your ring from a reputable store, but, you have found the desired item for a cheaper price elsewhere, reach out to the store you would prefer to shop at and the likelihood is they will match the price or beat it!

Amazing Spots in Iligan City

Have you been visited Philippines? In what part of this country that you come across? Did you completely enjoy your visit? Wherever places you came to visit in Philippines, unquestionably; all of the stunning places you have seen look magnificent and beautiful. Agree? It has been proven or has been confirmed from some people or group of families who have visited Philippines.

Iligan City is part of Northern Mindanao. Mindanao is situated in the bottomed part of the Philippines. Despite of the fact that this place is located at the furthermost from Luzon, it doesn’t mean that you can’t view or watch anymore beautiful places in Mindanao. Try to discover the entire part of Philippines; you can definitely say that Iligan City has unique features that never are located at other places nationwide or abroad. This municipality, though; it is small place unlike other places however; there are many striking spots that you will certainly treasured or cherished them for the rest of your life. Can you name them all?

 Even though, at first glance; you can’t see immediately the beautiful spots in Iligan City when you reach your destination at the pier or buses from Cagayan de Oro. Nevertheless, if you are passionate to eye-catching spots and have an initiative to ask people out there who knew the good looking spots in Iligan City, surely you can find them all. If you don’t trust people out there, you can ask decent people or multiple people; for sure their answers are common.

I will give you some of the beautiful spots in Iligan City for you to familiarize the names of your plan destination of your first visit or next visit.

Timoga Swimming Pool — this pool is the most famous pool that can be originated in Iligan City. It has also five different owners as well as designs are unique and colorful. You can assure that the water inside the pool is very clean since the water is keep on moving going to exit and replace with another clean cool water from overflowing water of Maria Cristina Falls.

Maria Christina Falls — is one of the enchanted falls that can be established in Iligan City. The falls is the main source of Iligan electrical power. Many foreigners had visited this place. It has 320 feet high. This falls is positioned at the boundaries of Barangay Ditucalan, Maria Cristina, and Buru-un.

Mimbalot Falls — this is the same as Maria Christina Falls with regards to height. It only covers 90 feet high as well as 18 feet wide, however; it has clear water and a place for pleasurable swimming.

Mount Agad-Agad — just about 1,600 feet on top of sea height, this is the peak mountain in Iligan City. This mountain is proven to be safe for hiking, mount mountaineering as well as camping.

Anahaw Open Amphi-Theater — this can be found on the Buhanginan Hill at the southeastern part of city hall. Almost certainly this is the major open amphitheater which is located in the island of Mindanao. This place is typically the venue of Kasadya Street dancing to be conducted annually.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

People to be Proud Of

Anybody had an idea who won the fight? Can you guess what am I discussing to? Whatever fights that had occurred to any places all- around the countries over the world, Filipino team or individual fight always bring back home the bacon or in other words, it’s been rare that Filipino never won the game or any kind of battle. Filipino people has the fighting spirit plus strong determination  as well as bravery in order to keep winning the game or whatever, it doesn’t matter if the game is consist of a team or single fight. Filipino aim is to win the fight.

Did you know Congressman as well as King of all boxers Mr. Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao? Manny is a pure-blood Filipino who had been bringing always his wins in the field of boxing.  No matter who are his opponents in boxing both strong and big man, Manny will keep and try his best to beat them all and win the fight. Generally, the power of every Filipino can’t be measured to any fields such as in games, boxing ring or in paper works. Perhaps, foreign people likes Filipino to do the task or jobs in terms of paper works because Filipino is good in English and grammar structure plus  hard working and easy to work with.

Another pride of the Philippines that was recently the hot topic in the news is the field fight between Philippines and Sri Lanka. Did you hear this news? Definitely yes, since this topic is widely available online as well as on television or even radio station. This game was held in Philippines on the 3rd day of July, 2011 at Rizal Memorial Football Stadium which is able to hold 15,000 to 20,000 audience or viewers that clearly beat Panaad sports ground in the city of Bacolod. This is an exciting plus unforgettable event throughout the history for the reason that Philippines witnessed their main ever win in FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) World Cup Qualifiers, defeating Sri Lanka with the score of  the Philippines 4 while Sri Lanka is 0 in the next leg of the first round. They highly developed 5-1 on total, diagram 1-1 in the primary leg previous to succeeding at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.

With the exertion of Phil Younghusband #10, the admirer of actress Ms. Angel Locsin has made the team- ASKALZ won against Sri Lanka with the score of 4-0. There are 20 members in the team Philippines. Most of the members are originally from Philippines while the other members are from other country like England, USA as well as Netherlands but they are born from Philippines but grew abroad. The team Askalz had won the football field game held on July 3, 2011 at Rizal Memorial Stadium.