Monday, October 31, 2011

Yahoo - Redefining Your Online Experience

There are a few names in the world of internet that can epitomize the entire experience; the name of Yahoo features among these. This is one of the leading names among the multinational internet corporations of the world. Based out of California in the United States it is known for its wide range of services – search engine with Yahoo Search, web portal, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Maps, Yahoo News, Yahoo Directory, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Hosting and Yahoo Video are a few to refer. Besides being one of the largest websites in the USA it is one of the most popular and largely visited websites in the world. In the year 1994 the site was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo. 

There are very few internet users who aren’t aware of the multifarious advantages that are available with Yahoo with its wide range of products there is a phenomenal flow of resources available the site is of exceptional assistance to its viewers and browsers. The web portal of the company provides a comprehensive range of services. Starting from news, entertainment to sports and business information the website presents information and data in almost every sphere of life. There are specialized sections like Yahoo Mail and Messenger that are online tools for effective communication. Online community resources like Yahoo Groups and enhanced navigation facilities with Yahoo Maps are other areas where the website provides user friendly assistance  It has been one of the all time favorite mail address of millions of users worldwide. 

Internet communication has been facilitated by Yahoo Inc in more ways than one. Yahoo! Mail and messenger are two of the most widely used and popular tools for online connectivity and communication; they have added features like unlimited storage space since 2007 that has made it one of the chosen mail addresses that users look for. Other than this there are social networking options like Yahoo Personals, Yahoo Buzz and Yahoo 360° and Flickr; there were several others too that were shut down by the company like Yahoo Photos that was replaced by Flickr where users can exchange photos and share images or videos with friends on their networking circle.  Through its web portal and other services for news and information, sports and entertainment there is a regular flow of content available for internet users. Here you will access some of the latest information from the world of finances and share market, sports, current affairs and entertainment 

All of the above is not however a summation about Yahoo; one of their latest offers is a range of services for mobile phones. You can now access email, messenger and search engine features on your Smartphone along with a host of other features. There are options of advertising through the website for small business ventures; there are services for directory submissions, sponsored searches and local advertising for various business ventures and companies. 

Through the years of its existence the website has been providing its patrons a consistent support of offers and internet access through various options of business and personal goals.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why Zip Lining is a Cool Sport

Sports are probably one good choice when you decide to produce sweat and maintain a healthy figure. For many, they are part of their favorite hobbies and a good way to burn excess fats. People choose sports also as a way to get away from unhealthy habits and lifestyles such as eating junk foods, cigarette smoking, not moving much or not exercising and other bad vices. There are many cool sports out there in the open doors such as basketball, soccer, football and many others but they can be dull at some time when you always do it. This is why if you want to have cool sports to a more challenging level and probably more extreme then there are other sports to choose. 

Zip lines are a means of moving people from one place to another where the person is fastening on to a seat or holding on to a harness attached to a cable. It was once a way for people from remote locations to deliver packages and equipment from one place to the other end of the cable. It is still being used by many military, constructions and others but nowadays they have become more famous as adventure rides. There are many locations for zip lines and they differ from their heights and their distance. They also have different versions of zip lining and it depends on you on what your guts on what to take such as choosing from just holding the harness or maybe taking the cable car which may look like a cage. It is usually an adventure ride for people to enjoy the different landscapes with the position that they are passing above them. 

For many people who would want to experience the thrill of adventure, zip lining can be good sport for them. Why zip lining is a cool sport? Well, it is not mostly about speed and guts that are important in facing such fearful moments but also it is about feeling the cool wind as you pass different kinds of good views from up above thus one can have a feel of achievement. Zip lining could make you feel like having the power to fly above the trees thus it can be both very exciting and horrifying. But the fear can go away once you can be used to it. Zip lining as a sport would actually require expertise in zip lining since it can be dangerous when done by a newbie. Even for professional zip lining enthusiast, it is recommended to be extra careful when doing this sport because it poses a lot of danger. One of the best ways to promote safety when doing this sport is to double check the safety gears such as cables, harness and the different parts that connects all the zip line. 

It may be thrilling and very hair raising when it comes to zip lining but it is important to always keep in mind the safety of every adventure that you might have even for other extreme sports. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fun Things to Do During Halloween

Halloween is just more or less almost there and it may be the time to once again see our neighbors be in their favorite horror costumes in their routine celebrations and parties. This is also the time where scary stories from other people and spooky movies are a hit. Our children are usually the ones who enjoy during Halloween because of the so much activities that they will participate. Of course, as parents, this is a great opportunity to encourage the child in socializing with their friends during these moments and also enhance their sense of belonging to other children of their age. Even for adults, this is not the time to stay in our houses and sleep like a zombie until morning but the time to also enjoy life and celebrate the once in a year Halloween events.

Fun Things to do for Children

In many ways Halloween can be enjoyed depending on what are the special events that might also been going in your community during this kind of the year. There are some communities that might be having special costume parties, office horror parties and costume contests while other areas are passionate in decorating their houses for children that might be participating in trick or treat. For your children to enjoy Halloween, you can let them participate in the following fun things:

 Creating Pumpkins. For many children nothing beats their joy when they are able to make something that they are proud of making from themselves. Of, course creativity of a child is important to enhance therefore why not encourages him or her to make a pumpkin with the help and guidance of you. 

 Encourage in Decorating. Just like in Christmas days and many kinds of holidays, children would probably like to help you in beautifying the house with Halloween decorations. This is a way not only to make them responsible but also to make them feel belongingness in their Halloween experiences.

 Trick or Treat. This is a one awaited moment where children would be going out with their friends and also let them enjoy in wearing their favorite costumes while also gaining some of their favorite treats. 

For Adults, this is also a time to enjoy the moment of Halloween through other fun things that are also workable for their age group:

 Halloween Parties. Halloween is not only for kids’ enjoyment but also for adults. Nothing beats the fun in going to parties that has the horror environment. Adults can also bring their own favorite costumes at this time just for the fun. 

Watching movies. Horror movies can be a lot of fun when you watch it during Halloween. You can always watch these movies not only in cinemas but also in your homes where it can be less expensive. You may also watch it with your family but also consider some movies that are not so much frightening as it can be hard for small children. 

There are so many things to do during Halloween and it depends on how you want to do as long as you have fun. Pranks should be minimized as much as possible as it can affect and harm others that is why you should know what to do and what not to. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do-It-Yourself Dog Grooming

The professional grooming sessions provided by different dog salons usually costs every owner around $50 to $60 per session. This sounds a bit expensive right? If money is your concern, why not try to groom your dog all by yourself. You did not just save $50 to $60; you also had the opportunity to bond with your lovely pet.

Here’s how you do it.
1. Be comfortable. Before handling your pet, you must ask yourself, Am I comfortable with what I do? There are a lot of people who love dogs but are not comfortable in giving the proper grooming to their pet. This greatly affects the pet in the long run so try to love what you do and be comfortable as much as possible in providing care. 

2. Start cleaning the nails. Most dogs do not like short nails and they often dislike having their paws handled. Do not be afraid to trim it short. Depending on the rate of the dog’s nail growth, it should be regularly trimmed because veins will eventually grow longer in the dead part of the nail. When this happens, there is a big chance that the nails will bleed when it is cut. 

3. Don’t forget the ears. Ears can be a good medium for bacterial and yeast growth. Keeping it clean on a regular basis will minimize ear infections. Instead of using cotton swabs, use a cotton ball with alcohol to clean the dog’s ears and do not go deeper as it could hurt his ear drum. If any signs of infections are present such as red ear drums or a foul smelling ear, report it immediately to the veterinarian for possible treatments. Ears are vital organs of the dog to hear so make sure to keep it clean and keep it away from any kinds of infections.

4. Bathe the dog. It is recommended to bathe the dog to keep him clean and to get rid of ticks and dirt. However, it should be done once or twice a week, depending on the veterinarian’s advice. There are also recommended shampoos or soaps for the dog so use only what is advised to minimize allergic reactions caused by the harsh chemicals of it. 

5. Brush up. It is necessary to brush the dog‘s hair often to prevent tangling and matting. Regardless of the hair type, brushing helps prevent hair build up and any excess shedding. Do not also forget to brush the dog’s teeth with a specialized toothbrush recommended by the veterinarian. Dogs tend to eat a lot and keeping it clean will minimize bacterial build up and infections. 

6. Lastly, give your dog a haircut. Some dogs like Poodle and Shih Tzu have hairs that continually grow. Give him/her a haircut for at least 2 to 4 weeks and style it according to what you desire. 

You can make your dog clean and beautiful without overspending. Just make sure to regularly check your pet to a veterinarian to keep him/her away from sickness. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Give Your Child’s Room a Twist

In the course of time, houses have evolved from the traditional to modern designs. While there are still homeowners who would go for a classic appeal, most of the home buyers in today’s market are going for a contemporary look because of its efficient use of space. Of course if you opt for a modern home, the interior design and the furniture should have a modern touch as well.

One of the areas that need to be carefully planned will be your child’s room. Kids have become more expressive about their opinions and it is very important that they feel at ease on their own rooms. There’s a wide range of contemporary kids furniture in the market today with styles that are unique, functional and of course trendy. Parents who want their kids to adopt a creative mindset would often introduce these designs that come in a variety of colors and styles to choose from.

This type of kid’s furniture does not take a lot of space making it ideal for small homes or rooms with a limited space. There are also cribs and sofas that could be turned into a bed along with a mini table and chairs that can be folded and stored when not needed. Gone are the days when patterns and colors are strictly followed when decorating your child’s room. The modern approach is all about mix and match; using bold hues to brighten up the room and expressing one’s personal style. If you are about to decorate a nursery or a toddlers’ room, you could incorporate learning materials that could encourage your child to engage in activities like art and music.

Of course budget could play a huge factor when it comes to any makeover projects. But if you’re a smart homeowner you’ll know just where to shop for the greatest deals and discounts. Buying furniture that is highly functional and could last for a long period of time is surely an investment that will pay for itself. Before you make that purchase, ask yourself if your child will be able to use it and what benefits will it contribute to the entire room.

Since most contemporary-designed furniture is compact and slim, some parents are skeptic about its quality. Prior to making a purchase, it is best to be check if it’s made of high quality material. Hinges should be secured and the screws should be tight at all times. It will be a good help to look at several catalogs or do a little online research to see brands that are preferred by most parents. Allowing your child to be involved in the decorating process is also a good way to improve creativity and spend quality time together.

Guest post by Allison of Eternittag, a project which is about a special type of roof.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Which Pearl Earrings Style is Best For You?

Pearl earrings are affordable and elegant at the same time. No matter what occasion or event you will be wearing them for, they will give class and luxury to the outfit and the overall appearance of the wearer.

Editor's Note: These same tips can be applied when purchasing fine diamond rings.

The Type of Pearl

Generally, there are four kinds of cultured pearls that you can find in stores which are:

Tahitian – their colour is what allows one to distinguish them. They have black to grey-green colour. Their sizes range from 11 mm to 13 mm and are predominantly round in shape. They have rich and high lustre and are probably the most costly among all cultured pearls.

Freshwater – this kind of pearl when used in jewellery like pearl earrings are affordable. They are a favourite of many jewellery lovers because of their price and of course their appearance. They have asymmetrical shape and are a tinier than Tahitian pearls. The largest is only 7 mm.

South Sea – these are large but are still pretty popular as pearl earrings. They can be fared in Australia, Philippines and Indonesia. They are either black or white with their price varying according to their lustre.

Akoya – these are seawater pearls which can be farmed in Japan and China. Their shapes are round and symmetrical. They have higher lustre when compared with freshwater pearls. They are also not too expensive and come with lighter colours of white, pink and cream.

Pearl Earrings Selection

When shopping for pearl earrings, the first things that we look at are the pearls themselves. This is a wise move since you have to examine the lustre as well as the nacre thickness. These two measure the quality of the pearl earrings.

Do not forget to feel the surface texture of the pearls in the earrings. Choose a pair that does not have visible abrasions. Those that have minimal flaws are not too distracting and sometimes cannot be perceived by the wearer or the buyer.

The colour and the shape of the pearl earrings are also to be observed. Though colour is not a factor in determining whether or not the earrings are of high quality, many want beautiful pearls of attractive colours. The shape though can affect the price of the pearl earrings. Perfectly round ones are more expensive than others.

Pearl earrings are classic accessories. Knowing the style that is appropriate for you will make it easier for you to search for the best earrings that you can wear.

Guest Post by: Kim Tyrone

Losing Weight and Having a Healthy Body with Juice Fasting

For the past two decades, there has been a tremendous increase of obesity in the United States. According to Center for Disease Control (CDC), about one third (30%) of the adult population are obese. The high number of obese people in the country is very alarming as obesity can be associated with many health conditions. It can lead to heart and vascular diseases or even death. To alleviate this health risk factor, health practitioners recommend proper diet and exercise to lose weight. Diet and exercise should be maintained in order to have a healthy body and minimize the risks of having health conditions as well. 

The increase number of obese people led to various number of weight lose alternatives such as juice fasting. This kind of fasting is very effective as it cleanses the body systems, detoxify the cells and expel the toxins. Juice fasting is now gaining fast popularity due to its’ known numerous benefits to the body. Generally, fasting is introduced and known by different cultures as lowering of one’s bodily desires while lifting the spirit to God. However, it was found out that juice fasting can be a great alternative to give up the toxins in the body and allow the cells to rejuvenate and fight against invading microorganisms. 

Juice fasting can be a deprivation of solid food or any much loved drinks, but its’ health benefits are superb. A very good benefit of fasting is the detoxification of lymph nodes and blood. There is a release of toxins from the colon, kidney, bladder, sinuses and lungs. Moreover, a clearer skin is achieved when fasting is done because toxins that remained in the body are excreted. A successful juice fast will also result to a relaxation of the mind, body, and emotions. During this process, the body will be able to clean itself from toxins obtained from an unhealthy diet that deposits mainly in the digestive system.

The excretion of body toxins is also the removal of excess fats. Obese individuals can enjoy a great reduction of their weight and a healthy body as well. Though juice fasting possess a lot of health benefits, consultation of a physician is recommended before anything else. There are certain medical conditions like pregnancy and diabetes that can cause health hazards when juice fasting is done. Therefore, always seek medical attention first and be guided on how to go this type of fasting. 

Fruit juice fasting is typically estimated to last for one to three days only. If by chance there will be plans to do juice fast a bit longer than these days, it is usually necessary to seek out medical guidance as well as monitoring to assure it will not lead to any kind of nutrient deficiencies

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Travel with Less Expenses

Traveling seems to be the most enjoyable thing to do in the world. Getting away from home and discovering new places is a great experience. As most people say, traveling is a perfect way to relieve stress and get away from the usual activities of life. It enables the person to see the world in greater perspective and appreciate life to the fullest. 

A lot of people perceive traveling as a big expense to make. True to say, traveling requires plane tickets, hotels, transportation and food. All these things should be considered beforehand in order to have a smooth sailing trip. With different travel agencies that exist these days, people can travel across the globe without the worry of the tickets, food and many more. Many agencies are offering package deals so it will guide every traveler of the possible expenses of the entire trip. This is such a great way to enjoy traveling without spending too much. 

For people who are traveling on their own or those who opt not to go with travel agencies, they can still enjoy a less expensive travel. All they need to do is to book for earlier flights. Cheap plane tickets can be obtained as many airlines are offering big discounts on special holidays. When the plane tickets are purchased, save money for the trip. Set aside some good amount every week or every month and deposit it in a savings account. Plan ahead and estimate the possible expenses for the trip. These expenses will usually include hotel, insurance, food and transportation. Make sure to prepare extra money for unexpected expenses along the way. Bring the necessary items that are needed everyday like toothbrush, toothpaste and other sorts of toiletries. Do not forget to bring crackers or candies in cases when food seems to be expensive.

When arriving at the place of destination, always be wise in spending money. Stick to what is planned and budgeted. Minimize shopping or purchasing items that can be found in your place and always keep track on the expenses. Whether a credit card or cash is used, it is important to evaluate the expenses and never overspend every day. Stay outside the city and eat at cheap restaurants with excellent delicacies. Venture out the best and the cheapest destination of the place. Make friends with other people and do not afraid to mingle with them. They might treat you for food or drinks. Have fun but never forget to spend within the means.
Traveling is definitely fun and exciting but set aside a budget when going home. Ask for cheap taxis or buses in going to the airport. Some airport terminals require the traveler to pay certain fees and taxes so prepare something for it. Usually, food and other items sold at the airport are expensive so never forget to bring snacks and drinks if allowed. Be ahead of time in the airport in order not to miss the flight and start saving again for the next planned trip. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

How Facebook Changed my Life

From the time I moved to Facebook, a lot of people did the same. It’s cool, it’s fun, and it’s the best place to connect to other people across the globe. It has features that no other online community can provide, which makes it a reason for people to subscribe. 

Facebook has changed my life in many ways. First, I was able to connect my friends living abroad. We can talk to each other through the Facebook chat box and we can share our photos together with the tagging application. Aside from that, we can also see each other through the video chatting. How amazing! I don’t need to open my Skype or Yahoo Messenger because Facebook can provide it already. Even if I’m away from home, I can still access my Facebook account through my mobile phone. I always keep in touch with my friends and family because anywhere I go, I can browse my Facebook account and see who’s adding me up or who replied to my latest status. It’s definitely the best online community so far.

Second, Facebook is a great venue to meet new friends and to find the old friends I had before. Since a lot of people subscribe to this social networking site, there is no way that I cannot find my old buddies in school - even my grandparents living afar are having their accounts too! By just putting a name in the search box tool, Facebook will find what I look for. Moreover, it also has a lot of game applications, which I consider to be the third reason on how Facebook changed my life. I can spend my spare time planting and harvesting crops in my farm at Farmville or I can build my dream restaurant at CafĂ© World. Whatever game I play, I am sure it’s going to consume a lot of my time because it’s addictive and enjoyable. 

Fourth, Facebook gave me a lot of opportunities such as establishing an online business or applying for a job. I can make my own account for my business, upload pictures of my products, add friends and tag the pictures to them. So simple! In addition to that, companies are having Facebook accounts as well. This enables me and other people to know the latest job vacancies and how the job application process goes. There is no need to call the company for any concerns because with Facebook, all things can be addressed as soon as possible.

I know there are a lot of people like me who find Facebook a very unique online community. It has changed my internet routine because whenever I open my computer, first thing that comes to my mind is Facebook.

How about you? How did Facebook changed your life? Share your story.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Best Ways to Relieve Stress

Knowing the ways to alleviate stress will also relieve any forms of anxiety. Stress is considered to be the top most cause of any anxiety episodes and by handling it, a person will learn how to cope with any panic attacks and at the same time, he/she easily finds the best anxiety solutions. Stress relieving methods are employed most of the time by many people to get rid of panic attacks but knowing and the best methods of relieving stress will prevent anxiety and health problems related to it. 

Be organized - Being organized will not cause stress and one feels in control with the situation. Practice yourself to organize your things, time and daily activities. Even organizing your desk in a workplace can make you feel good and eliminate any forms of stress. 

 Rest -  A person with a stress free life should have the right amount of rest every day. Stressful behaviors are often a result of insufficient sleep. Getting the right quality of sleep will help your body recover from stress and eliminate any forms of mental as well as physical stress.

 Have a healthy diet - It is always recommended to have a healthy diet. By eating great amount of fruits as well as vegetables every day and by avoiding fats and unhealthy foods, the person’s brain will function properly thus, stress is not experienced.

 Exercise every day -  People who often exercise are those who always feel good. Scientifically speaking, the brain will function properly if there is enough oxygen in it. So take time to walk or jog every day. 

 Own a pet Whether you want a pet dog, cat, rabbit or anything, owning it can be a great way to relieve stress. Their sweet and cuddling characteristics will draw a positive atmosphere to the house and thus, relieve stress.

 Always think positive -  Stress can possibly be alleviated by always recognizing the positive side of some things. Instead of getting disappointed to an unfinished task, be thankful for the successful previous works you have done. Feeling good will minimize the feeling of stressed out.

 Allow yourself to have a breakEven if you are too busy with your work, give yourself a break to relieve the tension and stress. Stretch your muscles a little bit before you start working again.

 Light any size of candle - Lighting a candle is a symbol of optimism and hope. Keep a candle in your desk and light it up. Whenever you see its light, you will be able to reflect on the positive things in life and will eventually keep the stress away.

 Be relaxed - A lot of people are too focused with their work and they tend to forget how to relax. Regardless of how busy you are, take time to do deep breathing exercises and relax your mind. That way, you will deliver a great job and stress is not experienced.

 Never be ashamed of talking to someone - As the maxim says, no man can live in an island. Talk to other people and share your life to them. They will know and get something from you and somehow, you will learn from their experiences too. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Teen Travel Safety Tips

For teens, traveling after high schools an excellent way to experience the real world before making important decisions about college. Some will choose volunteer travel, while others may choose special student travel programs that can look good on a college application. Stepping out into the world carries some risks, so be sure to follow these teen travel safety tips.

Always Carry a Cell Phone
Carrying a cell phone in case of an emergency is always a good idea. This is particularly important if a teen and his/her friends will be traveling in a backwoods area for hiking or camping. If someone is injured or otherwise incapacitated, one of the others can call for help. Cell phones, though they are often overused in today’s world, can be lifesavers in certain situations.

Avoid Harmful Substances
If the teenagers are students who are headed to the clubs to have fun with friends, they should avoid alcohol and drugs. Taking in these substances can make people unaware of their physical surroundings. It may also cause them to become uninhibited with their behavior. Dimly lit alleys in strange towns and cities should be avoided. Likewise, getting behind the wheel of a car or truck while under the influence is unacceptable, and can only lead to harm.

Pack Wisely
For teens leaving the country and going overseas on a school trip, all aspects of their travel arrangements should be made well ahead of time. This will usually involve securing a passport, building up a decent bank account, and triple checking that all essentials have been neatly packed in a durable suitcase. Adhering to a strict travel itinerary and calling home to touch base with parents is important. Both mom and dad will want to know that everything is going ok.If they can help it, they should avoid taking personal mementos or other objects that carry significant value, especially if they are items that are sentimental and close to the heart. For example, wearing a loved one’s jewelry while out at the bars or clubs is not generally a good idea. These kinds of things can be easily lost when out on the town. It is better to keep them somewhere safe or not bring them along at all.

Stick Together
If teenagers are traveling as a group and staying at a hotel, they should keep track of each other’s whereabouts. Doing a quick head-count at the beginning of each day is one way to be responsible. If someone turns out to be missing and the circumstances surrounding the disappearance are a bit suspicious, the local authorities should be contacted. The police and fire departments will likely be happy to assist when something goes wrong.Ultimately, for teens to stay safe when they are traveling by themselves, they should follow the tips mentioned above. If they use common sense and stick together when in places that they are not familiar with, they will likely have a safe and enjoyable time. They'll also come back with a lifetime of memories.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seven Ways To 'Green' Your Office

Environmental responsibility isn't only an issue for big business and large corporations. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can also play their part. Here are seven ways to make your office greener.

1. Look After Lighting
Out with incandescent, in with fluorescent. Energy saving light bulbs are the way to go. Change all the lights in the office and not only will you be helping the environment but you will save money. Although energy savers have a higher up-front price tag, they last for years, slashing your budget for replacing them. Use task lighting so you only light areas where it's necessary and implement a 'lights-out' policy to encourage employees to turn off the lights - and other equipment - as they leave at the end of the day.

2. Hydrate
Providing an in-house water cooler means that your employees won't have to buy plastic bottles of water to bring to work. That means fewer bottles going into landfill. And you can also avoid waste - and improve office air quality - by placing a large plant near the water cooler and watering it with the contents of the drip tray.

3. Transportation
Lead by example and reduce the eco-load of your daily commute. If possible, use public transport or cycle into work, or work from home a couple of days a week. Even if you need a car, try carpooling so that there are fewer cars on the road. That will cut greenhouse gas emissions from your commute.

4. Recycling
Make the 3Rs part of company policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from resource extraction, manufacturing and disposal. You'd be surprised what you can recycle - paper, newspapers, drink containers and even electronic equipment and batteries.

5. Energy Saving at the Desk
Just like home electronics, office electronics use energy even in standby mode. Use the power management settings on your computer to save energy and unplug laptops when you can. To help with turning everything off at the end of the day, plug your computer and peripherals into a single power strip and make it a habit to unplug that when you leave.

6. Raise Awareness
Help your employees to take environmental responsibility from the office to their home by providing information on initiatives they can take part in. An office noticeboard is a great place to let people know about community recycling schemes, electric cars, how to compost and more.

7. Reward Innovation
Encourage employees to come up with new ways to save energy around the office and reward them when they do. This will keep everyone in an eco-conscious frame of mind.

Sharon Hurley Hall likes to do her bit for the environment. Today she's writing for Eden Springs, the UK's No.1 water cooler rental company.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blogs Worthy of Your Time

Recently, I have been into a stage wherein I was motivated to expand my knowledge on a field where I am not certain whether I will be successful or not. With the help of these great minds in blogging and internet marketing, I made a statement to myself that "if they can do it, why can't I?". Upon reading their respective blogs every now and then, I gain additional knowledge as well as tips on how to excel in my chosen career.. 

Anyway, before I make this story very very long, I will get to the point, with no further ado, here are blogs very  worthy to visit.

  • Traffic Generation Cafe - This blog tackles about internet marketing and blogging. If you want what's hot and what's not, this is the place to be. This is blog is owned by Miss Ana Hoffman.

  • Persuasive Article Marketing - If you want to venture into article marketing this is the place to be. Get experts thoughts on how to be successful on marketing your contents. This is managed by Sylviane Nuccio.

  • The Bad Blogger - This blog is owned by Wong Chendong, if you want tricky and effective tips on blogging and marketing, this blog is a must.

  • Hot Blog Tips & Basic Blog Tips - If you want intense blogging tips on how to be the "man", this is the right place to get clever and informative information. Hosted by Sir Brian Hawkins and Ms Ileane.

  • Bob and Rosemary - This blog is owned by Bob Clarke and tackles on how to be an effective and efficient on Network Marketing.

  • Sweets Foods - Health, Social Media and Blogging tips in one. A must visit blog. Hosted by the dynamic Gera.

  • I BlogZone - This blog is managed by Francisco Perez and it talks on how to be effective on Internet Marketing.

  • Al Spaulding - If you want life lessons, you're in the right place. Get the thoughts of a man who is making the difference. Owned by Al Spaulding.

Whoa!! I think it's quite a lot already. Well, these are just a few of the blogs I visit every now and then, to name them all would take me a day to list them all. If you have time, pay these tremendous blogs a visit and I tell you, aside from the link back you get, you will surely learn a lot and be coming back for more.

If you know any blog worthy to visit and useful in gaining additional knowledge, feel free to write it down on the comment section. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Technology without Steve Jobs

Probably the most promising person in the world of technology is Steve Jobs. He is the person behind the incredible Apple gadgets that most people use nowadays. He is the man who created a new face of technology, computer applications and the like. He is an influential people and a person who made an impact to the world in general.

The death of Steve Jobs had gripped many people all over the world. Apple had just lost a visionary and imaginative genius, who was among of the greatest innovators in history. Apple was in fact, a valuable company ever made and Steve Job’s death left people to wonder if technology died with him too.

Steve Jobs died a day after the launch of iPhone 4S, the latest of the iPhone series. People were expecting a release of an iPhone 5 but it turned out that a refreshed version of the iPhone 4 has been launched in the market. This release had greatly affected the sales of the Apple Company by five percent but it recovered after the shocking news had spread that Steve Jobs died. However, the company is expecting their sales to tumble again after some time. The strong influence of Steve Jobs had greatly kept the Apple’s competitors at bay, especially those who try to imitate the products of Apple. Many people felt that Jobs was great enough and if he is still alive, he could salvage the uninspiring release of iPhone 4S. 

Too many people were quite unsatisfied with the iPhone 4S. It was just a sort of enhancement, not really a new iPhone to purchase. However, the company has proven that they still have the best gadget that Steve Jobs ever made. The iPhone 4S features faster processor capabilities, an improvised graphics accelerator, a camera with eight mega pixel and a CDMA/GSM chip that will make it a world phone. Clearly, the iPhone 4S is absolutely not the iPhone 5 that people expect to have. The software and hardware specs that it features do not make the gadget a bad upgrade at all, but still a lot of users would opt to continue waiting for the release of iPhone 5.

The question lies as to how much direction or inputs that Steve Jobs left to his team before he died. Can his team compete with the brilliant ideas that Steve Jobs created? Can they produce a phenomenal iPhone 5 and iPad 3? Steve Jobs had created a legacy but never will he be present with any upcoming Apple product innovation.

The death of the Apple maker, Steve Jobs was quite disheartening. It could make the company come into an end or it could be another beginning for the company. How can technology be without the greatest Steve Jobs? The question is still left unanswered.

May you Rest in Peace.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Spending Quality Time with Your Dog

Our dog Maui and my daughter
How much time can you spend with your dog? All day long, half of a day or few hours in a day? Regardless of how much you spend your quality time with your dog, it is essential to include them in any sorts of activities you do. Just like children, dogs need attention and love from their master. They are considered a man’s best friend because they are loyal, playful and sweet. However, some dog owners are too busy with their lives, leaving the dog inside their house, alone and lonely. This is a common problem faced by most dog owners because they cannot set time for their pet. But anyone can spend time with their dog without putting much effort. 

Here are five ways  in spending quality time with your dog.

  • Take him along with you. Whether you run errands, pick your kids from school, or shop at a grocery store, including your lovely dog is a hassle-free method of giving him the attention and love he needs. Some animal behaviorist suggest that dog owners  who have a lifestyle of being around the house, watch movies or soccer games and fetch the kids from school should let their dog participate in these daily activities to promote and meet the dog’s social needs.

  • Sleep with your dog. Dog experts agree that allowing the pet to sleep in your bedroom promotes bond without extra effort on your part. It is not necessary to place the dog in your bed but as long as they are at your room and you sleep with him every day, it will be great already. 

  • Do things that both of you like. Dogs are physically active. Take time to find things that will benefit you both. You and your dog can do activities like running, swimming or hiking. 

  • Try to multi-task. If you are busy cooking or cleaning the house, you can command your dog to sit still or lie down. Train him to do it so that it will not be a burden on your part. You can also brush his hair or cuddle him when you are watching TV shows. 

  • Delegate your dog to other family member. If you happen not to live alone, you can ask help from other members of the family. Delegating the responsibility to them will minimize effort on your part and will enable the dog’s needs to be met. Teach them how to care for the pet and be sure that all of you are consistent with the commands you use. 

With these five simple ways of spending time with your dog, his needs such as feeding, exercise and attention will be attained. Whether you have a lot of things to do, a little creativity will cover up the time you have not spent with your dog.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Search Engine Friendly Pages

There's no reason in creating a website if there are no visitors and readers coming in. A significant supply of traffic for many websites are coming from search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Altavista and so forth. Hence, by creating a internet search engine friendly site, you'll have the ability to rank easily in search engines  and acquire more site visitors.

Major search engines use programs known as spiders or robots to index websites to list out on the listing pages. They crawl and read your content and store it into their own database and pulling them up when people tend to search for it.

Not using much frames will help you site indexed faster on search engines' databases. Frames is only going to confuse search engine robots plus they could even abandon your website due to that. Furthermore, frames make it difficult for people to take note of a certain page on your own blog without resorting to long, tricky scripts.

Since robots can only read text, refrain posting or having information embedded on images or video files. This can affect your content's indexing as well as your search engine ranking.

Use meta tags accordingly on every single page of the site to ensure that internet search engine robots know initially what that one page is all about and if you should index it. By utilizing meta tags, you're making the internet search engine robot's job simpler so that they will crawl and index your website more often.

Try to avoid the use of wrong HTML tags like <font> to create your page instead use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) since they're more efficient you'll be able to eliminate redundancy on you HTML tag, thus making your blog to load and open faster and more SEO friendly.

Friday, October 7, 2011

How to Get Yourself to Workout

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love to exercise and those who don't even want to touch a dumbbell. If you belong to the former, then good for you. You are most likely getting your regular dose of physical activity and reaping the benefits of it. For those on the other side, well there is still hope. You really do not need to love working out to get its benefits. Confused? Well read on to know how you can enjoy the advantages of being a gym freak without actually becoming one.

Maybe you don't like to exercise but it is possible that you like to move. Think back when you were just a kid. If you were like most of the kids out there, then for sure you are also like the Energizer bunny, always running around and jumping all over the place. Somewhere along the way though, you've lost that energy, you've lost the desire to move. And it doesn't help that moving in the world of adults means paying a hefty monthly gym fee to have people force you to “move” in a structured and organized manner.

When you were a kid, you didn't think that you are working out. All you know is that you are having fun. You do the things that seems fun to you such as ride a bike, run around inside your house, chase animals, climb tress and play ball with other kids. This is also why you have more energy when you were a kid. The paradox of exercise is that you get more energy from expending energy. If you are more active, you get more things done. You were also happier back then because of the amount of endorphin that gets released when you do some physical activity.

Does this mean that you have to be childlike to love exercise? The point is that you don't have to look at exercise as exercise. You need to view it as a fun activity that you do as recreation and not because you are after some goal such as to lose weight or to build muscles. When you were a kid, you were not at all concerned about having big muscles or a six pack. You just wanted to move because it is fun to do so.

Of course, it would help if you can really find some fun activities. If you love the outdoors, then you can try hiking or even running. If you love team sports, then you can play basketball. There's nothing like a fun activity to bring back the kid inside you. One fun activity that you can do at home is rebounding. It is an activity that uses a needak rebounder or a mini trampoline. If you think that jumping up and down a trampoline is fun then you will definitely have a blast with rebounding.

You don't have to force yourself to love exercise to get its benefits. All you need to do is to change your perspective.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to Easily Earn An Income with Link Insertion

With these tough times, many bloggers are asking how to make more money online. There are many ways to do this, of course, but perhaps the easiest and most effective way is through link insertion.

A lot of bloggers start with Google AdSense when trying to earn from their constant web traffic. This is a good start—AdSense can generate a regular revenue for your website. But isn’t there another way to add to this?

I’ve been using link insertion, a form of advertising that works great for websites and blogs that already have a lot of content. It’s a proven fact that consumers generally respond better to integrated advertising.

So if you need to make a little (or a lot) more income from your content-rich website, without scaring away your readers, you need to use advertisements in a more subtle, not so in-your-face way.

AdSense works well in this regard, which is why it’s been heavily used, because it adapts your ads in real-time so that the viewers see the adverts of products or services relative to their interests. Link insertion, which utilizes this same instantly-modified ads, is actually integrated into your website’s already-published content. Again, this kind of inadvertent advertising has been proven to have better content monetization results while giving readers a more non-obtrusive, engaging blog experience.

I determined, through trial and error, that the new INTENTclick is the easiest, most rewarding and all around best program available for this task. It’s aimed primarily toward bloggers with content about making money or saving money online. And it works side-by-side AdSense, without any issues. So really, if you’re trying to make money from your content, there isn’t a real reason as to why you shouldn’t use it on your website.

INTENTclick is also free to signup, although registration does have a few requirements (you need to maintain a money-making or content monetization-themed blog, for example), but this helpful technology can really help you capitalize your great content.

All-in-all, link insertion is a great way to monetize the content you already own.

Please read a more specific post I wrote about the INTENTclick process or read the INTENTclick eBook I wrote. 

Guest Post By Murray Newlands

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Exercise for Kids

The increasing number of cases of obesity among children is alarming. Parents can point their fingers to what they think is the real culprit of the problem but the bottom line is they are still responsible for whatever it is that their kids have become. To sum it up, the main cause of the problem is overeating and lack of physical activity. Kids nowadays have easy access to tasty yet unhealthy and nutritionally-lacking foods. Most of them also do not know what real “play” is. To kids nowadays, playing is getting in front of the television and an Xbox or burying their heads on their hand held games. 

This article is about the importance of exercise to kids and how parents can encourage their children to be more physically active. 

When it comes to exercise for kids, there are many things that parents should consider. The first thing that they need to know is the amount of time that children need to spend on exercise to become healthy. Many experts recommend that kids should be getting at least an hour of moderate activity everyday. This can come from playing with other kids or through formal exercise routines such as the ones they do during physical education classes. As children gets older, the number of hours they ares spending on exercise should also increase. Kids in their teens should get at least two hours of physical activity everyday. 

Your kid doesn't have to really sweat it out. He doesn't have to be panting after each exercise session. Exercise could include simple activities such as playing with or walking the family dog or as intense as an hour-long game of basketball or baseball. 

Of course,with all the distractions around, encouraging your kid to get some exercise is easier said than done. One of the things that you can do is to “play” along with your kid. For example, if you like to ride a bike, then why don't you invite your kid to go on a bike trip? If you are into sports, then why don't you challenge your kid to a friendly game of basketball? Doing physical activities together with your kid will also allow you to bond with him or her. 

You can also expose him or her to kids who are active. Take him to a practice of your local baseball team. Take him to a park where other kids are  skateboarding or biking. You can even take your kid to a martial arts exhibition. By exposing your child to many kinds of physical activities, his interest will surely be piqued sooner or later. 

You can also encourage your kid to exercise by buying an exercise equipment. You can get a stationary bike, a treadmill or a mini trampoline such as a Needak or bellicon rebounder. Sooner or later, curiosity will get the better of him and he will be asking you if he can try out the gym equipment himself. 

In encouraging your kid to love exercise, the key is to be creative and to always be at his side.

Monday, October 3, 2011

5 Ways Facebook Complicates Our Dating and Social Lives

Analysis Paralysis
Freely available information or slander concerning your current partner, your ex-partner or even a prospective love interest can simply be too much to handle! Including your partner in your Facebook dialogue and friends list is a recipe for disaster. Things have a nasty way of being taken out of context on Facebook. For example, you might happen to come across a photo of some girl who has been tagged in a photo up close and flirty with the guy you’re dating. It might be totally innocent, yet a state of anxiety and panic starts to set in regardless.        

Rumor Mill
5 Ways Facebook Complicates Our Dating and Social LivesPart of the Facebook functionality allows people on your friends list to speculate about your relationship and dating status. Regardless of how you choose to set your relationship status, your friends have the ability to post all kinds of pictures of you that could easily raise speculation about your single status - a picture says a thousand words.

Dating is awkward enough at the best of times. Facebook makes dating even worse. Many guys won't hesitate in firing off a compulsive introduction email to a girl he doesn't know that's on his friends list. Even if she doesn't reply, he may go a step further and write on her wall, so EVERYONE can see how desperate his is. And if this girl has somehow ended up on his friends list, there's a chance they'll cross paths in real life through mutual friends making his efforts not only embarrassing, as well as a public spectacle both on and offline.

Unwanted Facebook Stalkers
Meaning: Lonely men + Facebook = Stalkers. Most stalkers go away after a few failed attempts to engage their admirer. But like anything in life, there's always a bad apple no matter where you go, it comes down to the law of averages. However, Facebook does allow people to minimize their exposure to unwanted communications via their profile settings, unfortunately, few people make use of this option. You can limit access to your Facebook account by limiting access to your wall and other photo or status updates.

Facebook Crush
Rather than providing you with loads of dating options on Facebook, the guy or girl you have a crush on tends to keep giving you more questions rather than answers in terms of their relationship status. "Why doesn't he/she set their relationship status, they must be a player." Or "I wonder who that girl is that seems to be in lots of his photo's, sister? cousin? lover?"     

Seemingly, Facebook looks like an enormous smorgas board of single people. But of you speak to people who use Facebook as a means for finding dating opportunities, the facade doesn't always live up to the truth.

What Facebook does offer though, are sophisticated online dating apps for single people. And it's through these apps that are connecting millions of single guys and girls who have downloaded the same app. These dating applications tap into the Facebook network thus pairing people up based on compatibility thanks to their Facebook information.

Facebook is an extremely powerful social tool, but it is wise to know the best ways in which to utilize the massive reach it provides.

Matt Fuller
About the Author

Matt offers advice relating to singles dating sites, social networking platforms, and free online dating sites reviews.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Embed Google Analytics Data in Your Reports Automatically

Google Analytics is at the heart of retail websites around the globe, recently tipping the scales in over 50% of surveyed sites. Website owners are attracted by the easy installation, intuitive user-interface and of course the price point (free), as well Google’s reputation for innovation in the online industry.

Many medium to large sized business owners will find that what Google Analytics lacks compared to its paid-for rivals is the big budget investment in customised reporting.

Google Analytics Dashboards
Google have made a valiant effort recently with their new customised dashboard, an extremely useful feature which allows you to build up a dashboard of your favourite widgets, all of which will load when you arrive. From here you can even download as PDF or in Excel, or schedule a regular report by email.

What’s this good for? Well let’s say you have a site which sells things. You probably know how much you sell each week, but you need to know where these customers are coming from in order to manage your business.

Head over to your dashboard, hit ‘Add a widget’ and make a pie chart showing Transactions grouped by Source (see below).

Ta-da! Well almost half of the sales shown here came direct, no surprise there as I know about half of my transactions are from repeat customers, but there’s a new site in 3rd place whose traffic has generated 30 sales. I should head over to that site and find out why, and maybe cut a deal with the site owner to promote this further.

What if I now want another widget which just shows the same information for a sub-set of products, perhaps the most profitable ones? Well this is where we reach the limits of the Google Analytics Dashboards, as segments and sub-sections of tables can’t be applied here.

For business dashboards and reports which require a bit more customised functionality, third party tools are available which will allow me to create these views automatically.

Vuedata is a new tool launched to allow site owners to build automatic dashboards quickly and easily, with no manual intervention. It pulls its data straight out of Google Analytics, so no code changes are required to get it working.

Vuedata’s interface follows the same familiar list of dimensions and metrics as the dashboard from Google Analytics, allowing you to quickly recreate reports. The headline feature is segmentation, making Vuedata one of the only external tools which allows advanced segmentation on all of your reports.

Creating My Business Dashboard with Vuedata
Once inside Vuedata, my report can be recreated by selecting ‘source’ from the list of dimensions and ‘transactions’ from the list of metrics. I also enter ‘-transactions’ in the sort box to ensure that the report shows the highest numbers first, and select ‘Last 3 months’ as my date range.

Hitting generate brings up my data in bar graph form, and flicking this over to Pie Chart gives me the end result I was looking for:

My favourite feature is the ‘Save to dashboard’ button, which saves all settings for future use.
Building on the example above, I’m also able to create a sub-report which looks specifically at my most important product. To do this I can create a segment, which is achieved through the slick new segmentation interface. In this example I’m segmenting ‘productName’ contains ‘widget’ to focus in on visitors who bought a specific item:

Using my Business Dashboard with Vuedata
Once set up, all my business reports are helpfully stored within the My Dashboard section of the site.

From here, all reports can be reopened, edited or shared using the build-in shortlink feature. The real business benefit here is convenience.

Once created, I can take any graph, and copy the automatically generated code into a blog, intranet site or client report.

The polished chart appears automatically and even allows viewers to hover and click on it to see further detail.

Vuedata is available to anyone who currently has a Google Analytics account.. Head over to to find out more.