Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Seeing The Beautiful Sceneries In Cebu

Cebu is a developed province in the Philippines with Cebu City as its main centre for trade, commerce, education as well as industry. Aside from its deep history and rich culture, Cebu remained to be the most progressive province in the Visayas region. They have been known as the first place where Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer landed. Hence, Magellan’s cross in Mactan City, Cebu became a famous landmark in honor of the Portuguese explorers.

Cebu is one of the most visited places in the Philippines. It has a lot of beach resorts and high end hotels where one can unwind and experience the hospitable spirit of the people. Among the highlight destination in the place is the Sky Adventure in Crown Regency Hotel where one can have a view of the entire city and experience adrenaline hype. The minimum rate of their amusement activities is $20 with no more than $150. Adding to that, travellers can also have a glimpse of the religious culture of the place by visiting the Santo Nino Basilica, Taoist Temple, Magellan’s Cross as well as Fort San Pedro. One can also see the natural wildlife in Mountain View Nature’s Park and take a look with the rare kinds of butterflies in Jumalon Butterfly sanctuary. For people who want to experience island hoping and great water adventures, they can actually rent cruises and scuba diving equipments to see the coral reefs and different classes of fishes. It will surely be a great diving experience considering that the place has preserved their water treasures. 

Despite being a highly urbanized place, Cebu preserves the tradition they once have. Every year, they have a festive celebration for Sr. Sto Nino, a patron in the place, where people from different places gather and showcase their rich culture. This is called Sinulog, an annual competition and parade around Cebu City.

 Furthermore, Cebu can also be a good place for shopping and leisure. One can visit the small stores in Colon and buy memorable souvenirs about the place. They also have shopping centres and restaurants where one can experience the delectable cuisines that they have. For just about $5 to $10, a person can taste different varieties of the sumptuous dishes that Cebu is known for. 

There are a lot of travel destinations in Cebu. In fact, travellers cannot go around the place in just a day or two. It will usually take 5 to 7 days for every traveller to visit each of the tourist destinations that the place offers. Book through different tour companies and avail the best travel destination in Cebu. This will not require a big amount of money as one can travel cheap all around the place.